The English for Secondary Students at Standard is designed to assist the students in Malaysia and from other countries to excel well in speaking and writing English. The materials that we use are imported from UK, such as Cambridge, University Press, Oxford University Press, Longman and others that consist of Student’s Book, Workbook, grammar book with welldesigned graphical pictures, systematic contents and with the aids of visual and audio CDs. At the same time, the teachers in Standard spend almost 50% of their time helping students doing essay-writing practices. We are particularly proud of our
P.S.F. learning method that has helped our students to do quite well in their English public examinations for PMR, SPM (1119), UEC, MUET, IELTS, TOEFL and ESOL.

The secondary school students not only learn to speak fluent English, they have to understand the cultures of the people in the English speaking countries. General knowledge is also applied to fill in more knowledge to the students. This will help them to excel better in using English.The unique feature about our English for Secondary Students is also providing the training and fake Rolex tuition for English public examinations – PMR, SPM (1119),
UEC, MUET, IELTS, TOEFL and ESOL. The secondary school students will practice writing 2 to 4 essays in a month

There are 3 programmes:

  • Programme A: One-year course (130 hours)
  • Programme B: Two-year course (260 hours)
  • Programme C: Individual intensive training (30 hours per course for 2 – 3 month